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  • Kingston Sea Shanties 7:30pm 7th September
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 26 Aug 2019

    Backed by the Kingston Sea Shanties Choir and his four-piece band, renowned Australian singer-songwriter Fred Smith brings his unique creative voice to Kingston. Comprised of members of Kingston & surrounds’ rich choral community, the Kingston Sea Shanties Choir is a Kingston Arts participatory arts project developed to provide opportunities for community members to work with professional artists to extend their arts practice and connect with others who share a passion for choral singing. The Kingston Sea Shanties Choir has been rehearsing since June to provide a luxuriant vocal foundation for Fred’s songs of hope, loss and love-gone-awry. Don’t miss this iconic event in the lush surrounds of Kingston City Hall’s main stage.

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  • World Singing Day Saturday 19th October 2019
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 26 Aug 2019
    World Singing Day is teaming up with the Parents & Carers Choir to transform Manningham City Square in Doncaster, into a giant community sing-along and we’d love for your choir to be a proud part of it!

    We’re uniting Melbourne choirs, and the wider community, in a free sing-along event as part of World Singing Day, a global day designed to celebrate our common humanity using the power of singing to connect communities and promote well-being around the world. We would like to gather choirs, friends, families and community to join with us in song on Saturday 19th October 2019.

    As a choir you will be given access to the song list prior to the event, along with the key and arrangement so that your choir is familiar with the songs to support the community, who will sing louder if we do!

    The day itself will be a group sing-along with choirs placed throughout the audience helping lift the overall atmosphere. This is all about everyone being together as one big happy singing family. Your friends and family do not need prior training to have a blast on the day!

    Happy Singing!

    Melissa Tonkin
    0438 642 661
    World Singing Day - Where will you be singing Oct 19th 2019?

    Director- Parents & Carers Choir
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